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Mission Beach

Mission Beach

01 Welcome To Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a classic beach town and is one of San Diego’s most active communities. Famous for its two-mile beachfront boardwalk and historic amusement park, Mission Beach is a coastal neighborhood between downtown San Diego and Pacific Beach. Many of the residents there are young adults, and the town tends to draw in people who participate in watersports and a nightlife crowd on the weekends. Mission Beach is built on a sandbar near the bay and next to the ocean and has a wide-open recreational park space that is sometimes even used for weddings.

The houses in Mission Beach range from the mid 500s to the low 10 millions, and many of the homes have ocean or even bay views. Because of the prime beach access and attractions within walking distance, Mission Beach is a popular site for vacation rentals as well. Many of the houses along the boardwalk are rented out during travel season via services such as Airbnb and when buying one of those properties, buyers can actually negotiate the transfer of the vacation rental account to maintain the status and ranking on the website if they intend to continue renting it out.

A lot is packed into each neighborhood in Mission Beach so it’s common to find properties that have extended their space vertically and have a rooftop terrace or multiple stories. Along Mission Boulevard, there are a variety of trendy, small bars, shopping, watersports rentals, and eateries. At the end of Mission Boulevard is Belmont Park that features the classic Mission Beach landmark: the beloved Giant Dipper roller coaster. On an average day at the beach in this community, you’ll find a volleyball game happening on the sand, a bonfire going after sunset, runners and cyclists along the boardwalk, and people enjoying the water.

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