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Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe

01 Welcome To Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe is a primarily residential area with large gated communities and stunning, sizeable properties featuring resort-style living. It’s an affluent community with a few high-profile residents and is an extremely well-kept neighborhood. Most of the houses are behind a gated entrance with a full-time security guard who manages the incoming guests which makes it a safe place to live. The median price of homes in Rancho Santa Fe is around three million dollars, and on the higher end, the prices go into the tens of millions.

The properties in Rancho Santa Fe are nothing short of extraordinary, many of which have been featured in architecture and housekeeping magazines. The houses in this neighborhood tend to have upgraded offerings and finishing touches such as a wine cellar, tennis court, guest cottage, sauna, and various high-tech add-ons. A lot of houses in this area sit on several acres which means there is space for customization and many residents use this land for horses in the properties that are properly zoned.

Many of the luxury estates in Rancho Santa Fe offer indoor-outdoor living featuring atriums and prominent backyards that are great for entertaining guests or hosting garden parties. The homes in this community commonly have long winding driveways, impressive entrances, 5+ car garages, and impeccable landscaping. Rancho Santa Fe is right next to Del Mar where the closest attractions and entertainment options are, but within Rancho Santa Fe itself there are a few small stores, restaurants, and schools.

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